"I felt like I was born to be a Wedding Planner!"  Kimberly

"My Mentor has been Event Planning for over 19 years.  I'm learning how to help my clients plan their Events & keep within their budget." Roman

Company Summary

PC, LLC is a Limited Liability Company that provides unsurpassed training worldwide with over 29 years experience in the events and locations field. For the weddings, events and filming clientele, PC, LLC offers the best and most well trained certified consultants and locations scouts in the business who are under highly experienced supervision of our District Directors. Our events clients have choices of thousands of unique venues for a theme for their project such as, Classical, Tropical, Modern, Traditional and more all across the globe. Too many people become overly stressed and frustrated when trying to find a good certification in planning or location scouting field(s) and even more stressed when planning a wedding, event or film shoot on their own with little or no help from an experienced professional. Our experience of over 29 years in the events and locations field will ease the stress of those individuals with these goals in mind. The result? Our unique and inclusive 9 week training and certification programs offered and the thousands of unique venues offered along with unsurpassed event and location consultants and District Directors means these goals can easily be satisfied on one level or the other. One can get fully involved or pick and choose from a variety of courses, degrees and services-a true expression of their individuality as a planner, location scout, couple, individual or filming needs studio.

"Training these incredible individuals daily is what makes my job so fun" Shannon Currie, Weddings/Events Director US Division

"Being considered an equal by someone who's been here for 8 years makes me feel valued & an important part of my City/Team" Toomi

Management Summary

Our wedding, event and location consultants are made up of highly experienced Directors of each Market along with graduates of our exclusive wedding, event and location scouting certification program.  Our certified experts who have completed the 9 week course, some who have had previous experience in the business and want to hone their skills, and some with no previous experience but were trained with the hands on program every step of the way.  Those who were accepted to stay on as a consultant have planned and serviced many successful weddings, events and film shoots.  Our team is made up of individuals who are knowledgeable about all areas of location scouting, planning, decorating, as well as budgeting and even some training in Interior Decorating.  Experienced Directors in each market with over twenty-five years experience in providing consultant services continue to receive extensive training in wedding, events and filming areas of expertise such as with seminars, wedding fairs, filming conventions and more.

"I love my team!  Pick a package with one-on-one support if you are able." Anikka

"Our team of Event Scouts & Planners are both talented & diverse in their creativity!" Christian

"This is so ME!  And I can do the training at my own pace!" Todd

"I get ecstatic when a Bride says I nailed it with her Dream Venue." Tanaya

"Best decision Ive ever made!  I started my own co. after being certified by PC & I now make over six figures per year!"  Valarie

"I'm only on my 7th week of  Training & counting!  I love this it- feels like Ive been here a lifetime!" Stefan

Whether you are an Experienced Events & Locations Veteran or a New Interested Events & Venues Professional there's a spot Available for you today!

We hold National & International Weekly & Monthly Interviews across the Globe.

Submit your Resume today @ info@planitcosmopolitan.com or call to speak with a Rep @ 800.486-8040

24 Hrs./7 Days a Week we are ready to take your Calls regarding what Markets may best suit your needs & Available Positions that best fit you and your Goals.

Whether Trained or Untrained You may also choose from our Earn-While-You-Learn options or go at your own pace.

Social Distance in Office

"With  the "safe" Planit-Cosmopolitan Offices Worldwide I never Feel like I'm out of touch or Disconnected with the incredible Team of Professionals.  And each Office adheres to the Social Distancing & CDC Guidelines which makes me feel comfortable at work."  Sophie

"Events &  Weddings have a 3-6 Mos Planning Time & Weddings 6 Mos - 12 1/2 Mos so World Events don't so much affect my Paycheck!  Filming is thriving still so I'm free to book Shoots & Filming Projects at our Incredible Venues."  Zoe

Planit-Cosmopolitan Team Members on a Scout for a Filming Client.

"I can Work from Home & Earn While I Learn.  A Perfect Fit for my Lifestyle!" Marc

Miilan Planit-Cosmopolitan Offices are steps away from the Duomo Cathedral!

Experienced or Not get Right to Work with our Incredible Global Scouting & Events Team.

If you Love to Travel, Planit-Cosmopolitan is the Place to Be!  With Offices Worldwide no Event, Film Shoot or Wedding is out of Your Reach!

"I can Make my Own Hours while Embarking on the 9 Week Training Course!" Logan